Coast 2 Coast Marketing Enters 2019 With Tremendous Momentum

Joshua, President of Coast 2 Coast Marketing, highlighted several team members for earning promotions. This, along with ambitious organizational goals for the new year, has created opportunities for people to join the firm.

​Coast 2 Coast Marketing is dominating the field in Santa Ana and the surrounding area. According to Joshua C., this has much to do with some of his superstar managers. Sera, Adam, and Raul have been especially productive, displaying incredible leadership skills and bringing a lot of energy with them to the office every day. Joshua is working with them so that, sometime in 2019, they’ll be ready to open their own offices in brand new territories. It’s a huge responsibility, but one that these hardworking individuals will be prepared to tackle.

As these and other team members advance in their Coast 2 Coast Marketing careers, and as offices open in other markets, it creates opportunities for new associates to join the organization. In fact, Joshua announced that the firm is currently hiring, and looking specifically for those with drive, a passion for continual learning, and a positive mind-set. The company’s comprehensive training system will provide the tools and knowledge required to thrive in peer-to-peer marketing; Joshua is more interested in the soft skills that make a person a good fit for the company’s empowering and inspiring culture. “We want to help you cultivate your professional skills with a mentor-focused approach,” Joshua explained. “There are many growth opportunities and even chances to travel that you cannot find anywhere else. We are going coast to coast.”

Advantages of Joining the Coast 2 Coast Marketing Team

Those who join Coast 2 Coast Marketing will quickly find that the firm’s learning system goes beyond job training and teaches leadership skills. In this way, people are preparing for the positions they want to hold in the future, not just the roles they have now. For example, networking is one of the most popular topics taught in the office. Knowing how to connect with strangers, initiate conversations, and ask for help – all while providing value to others – is a competency that sets professionals apart from their peers. 

Not only that, but a large contact list gives people the benefit of all that accumulated wisdom and knowhow. Knowledge is power in the digital age, which makes a well-developed network an invaluable resource for ambitious professionals. 

Joshua is looking forward to an exciting new year, full of promotions, expansions, and new team members. There’s never been a more exciting time to consider a career in customer acquisitions.

About Coast 2 Coast Marketing:

Coast 2 Coast Marketing makes the complex seem simple. Successfully bringing alternative solutions to competitors’ customers can seem daunting, but not for their team. Coast 2 Coast Marketing knows intimately the shortfalls of their competitors and the strengths of the businesses they represent. They do their homework and craft data into a winning strategy, bringing that must-have 
message to the marketplace in a timely fashion. Their three easy steps for success include digging deep for the info, then strategizing wisely, and finally sealing the deal fast. That’s the boast from Coast 2 Coast Marketing. Visit for more about what they do best. 

Source: Coast 2 Coast Marketing